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Fulfilling women’s BI fantasies for 14 years at Hedonism II in Jamaica.

Enjoy the company of other male/female couples and single ladies for a vacation experience you will not forget!

Rediscover self confidence on a level you never thought possible.

"We are the Beginning of your Erotic Journey"

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Hedonism II, Jamaica


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Wild Women & Playful Pussycats 

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Wild Women & Playboy Radio
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Wild Women & Hedo Rockers  

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Wild Women's Anniversary Week
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Wild Women & Hedo Amigos 

"Women Seeking Women"

(A Bi-Curious Journey)
As Seen on VH1

This 1 hour documentary follow the Bisexual/Bi-Curious stories of 5 women during one of our Wild Women's Weeks at Hedonism III.

Our Beautiful ladies are:

  • Straight women with bisexual fantasies
  • Bi-Curious women seeking their first beautiful experience
  • Bisexual women whose motto is: "so many women, so little time"

"It's all about the ladies"